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How to write your CV

In most of the cases a CV is something that leaves a first impression about a candidate to a potential employer. Therefore it is very important to write it clearly and professionally. Taking a little time on design, construction and wording will help you promote yourself to your best advantage. Here is some advice about how you should write your CV. Start with your personal details: full name, date of birth, and contact details including all usable phone numbers. Try to avoid superfluous details such as religious affiliation, children's names etc. Then you should present your educational history and professional qualifications, including name of institutions and dates attended in reverse order - university before school for example, include computer skills and genuine foreign language skills and any other recent training or development that is relevant at that specific moment.

Pay attention to the following tips as well:

  • Be sure that you have updated your CV if you are sending a version you wrote earlier.
  • Always send your CV as soon as possible; it leaves an impression of a determination.
  • Decorative borders are not necessary, nor are photographs of yourself.
  • Your CV should ideally cover no more than two pages and never more than three.
  • Tailoring of a basic CV for each role can be suitable.

There is no need to include your reasons for leaving each job on your CV but be prepared to answer these questions in your interview.

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